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2014 NMC Regional Meeting



Submissions for the Poster Session

National Mastitis Council
Regional Meeting
August 4-6, 2014
Ghent, Belgium

↑ TOPGeneral Information
Abstracts for the NMC Regional Meeting poster session will be collected on this website. Please follow all the instructions carefully. You will have full access to view and upload your submission up until the submission deadline. 

PowerPoint presentations are NOT required for the poster session.

Additional information about the poster session is available in the Poster Session Prospectus. Please be sure the review all of the details prior to submitting an abstract.
↑ TOPAbstract Instructions
Your paper must conform to the guidelines provided in the instructors to authors. Open the link below to view the guidelines and procedures for creating and submitting your abstract.

Click here for Instructions to authors

After your abstract is complete and formatted correctly, click on the "New Submission" button at the bottom of the page.

PLEASE NOTE: When submitting your abstract, you will be asked to provide key words. Key words are not part of the abstract, however are required for submission.

↑ TOPPowerPoint Instructions
PowerPoint presentations are NOT required for the poster session.
↑ TOPSubmission Deadline
The deadline for abstract submission is APRIL 10, 2014 to allow enough time to review all the submissions and also to assemble and print the proceedings prior to the conference.
↑ TOPReview Process
All submitted abstracts will be evaluated by a review committee to assure the subject matter aligns with the goals/objectives of the NMC, and the information presented follows the guidelines set forth in the instructions to authors.

Be sure to follow the instructions to authors carefully; failure to do so may result in rejection.
↑ TOPCommercialism Policy
The intent of the Poster Session is to provide quality information focused on educational content, which is free from commercial influence or bias. Abstracts and posters are not to be be used as platforms for commercial sales, promotions and/or advertising. Excessive use of brand names, product names, trade names, and/or trademarks is not allowed. Excessive use of brand names, product names or logos, failure to substantiate performance claims, and failure to objectively discuss alternative methods, processes, and equipment are indicators of sales pitches. Restricting commercialism benefits both the authors and recipients of submissions and presentations. A general guideline is to use proprietary names once and thereafter to use generic descriptors or neutral designations. In addition, trade names may not be used in the title.
↑ TOPContact Information
If you have specific questions regarding any of the guidelines or requirements, please contact Anne Saeman, at anne@nmconline.org or (608) 848-4615.
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Important: When submitting your information online (paper title, author names and affiliations), please DO NOT USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Also, do NOT use all small letters. Applications that use all capital letters or all small letters on the submission form are subject to rejection. Please use "sentence case" for the title (first letter of the first word, and all proper nouns, are capitalized).

It is not necessary to enter all the authors of a paper (it is optional). However it is necessary to enter all of the contact information for BOTH the presenting author and corresponding author

Please add nmc@nmconline.org and oe@omnipress.com to your "trusted/safe contacts" in your email address book so that will be sure to receive all correspondence regarding your submission. 

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